#42 Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language – Gretchen McCulloch

I am a self confessed nerd. I love books, reading, and language. In a previous life I was an English Teacher and did English at University, including some linguistics whenever the opportunity arose. I am also an internet kid. I remember a time before the internet, but I am fully “jacked in” and have been a member of the on-line community since I was in Primary School. I grew up on the school play ground AND on Message Boards, chat rooms and various Instant Messengers. I speak English, a little French, lolcat and doge. SO this book did me a heckin excite.

It answers all sorts of questions I didn’t even know I had and explained the differences between my internet humour ad that of my younger and older friends. Gretchen McCulloch is one smart woman who is able to explain quite complex concepts in a fun, understandable way and even gives a few chuckles along the way. I am so grateful to her for this awesome book. I am so glad we are moving away from analysing the English language from before, we have done that enough, and move on to analysing how our language is changing shape before our very eyes. I think this book is very important, but will be even more so in the future. What a lot of research and effort has gone into it to make it so interesting and funny. This is a great read, whether you are a young whippersnapper coining new words and terms, an aging millennial who starts using those words ironically and ends up just using them, or an old pedant clinging to the rule book. Whoever you are, there is definitely something to be gained from reading this book. Love it!

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